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An audience with the Queen ...

Who got naked !?!

This feature story is also about our current feature artist Christopher Wright. Not very often does the queen invite an artist into her home to create a portrait. Even more unlikely is a Queen getting topless for the sake of the Royal Art Collection.

Before we talk about what motivated her, before we ask that question, we must first talk a little about the artist. International Artist Christopher Wright from fast talking Canada. One of a kind artist illustrator, known for his ability to manipulate the media is quickly gaining a new reputation for his ability to charm women of all kinds.

Christopher has veered his artwork from his crazy whimsical city scapes that he is most known for and has brought a new flavour with him into the new millenium. Many naked females. Which makes one wonder why the queen would ask him to do a painting of her honour.

England has often been the place for loose bras and topless public figures. Where else but in England will you find famous celebrities topless on the front covers of magazines? All over the world people talk about how stuck up and snotty the British are but this behaviour will get you thrown in jail in the land of the free where George Bush is leader, just the United States of America I mean.

If one was to have her boobs set in stone or paint, who would be a better person for the job then Chris Wright. Apparently he is very skilled in the art of removing a ladies clothing, often with nothing more then a nice thought. We have heard rumours and will reveal more about this bit of craziness when we add part two to this growing feature which will inlcude a critique.

Also, we have finalized the details for another interview with artist Chris Wright coming soon and another review of this painting on it's way!

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