Chris lets us into one of his studios in London Ontario Canda. Trish Howell - one of our finest and most attractive interviewers conducts somewhat of a silly interview over wine and french bread and Brie.

Interview with Chris Wright

Trish Howell - interviewer {italic text} Tell us about your impromptu photo ops with the Mayor. Is it true her face isn't at it's sweetest when she runs into you?

Chris Wright {bold text} Thats sorta true {laughs} The mayor doesn't find them as funny I do, but whatever her facial expression, I feel it makes for a nifty picture. She is always so off guard when I talk with her. I surprise her and these photographers just grab the pictures. I thought she would be used to it by now. I suppose she likes the sort of photo shoots that are pre booked rather then the paparazzi style ones. They are my public though, I love the people.

Are you always trying to be Mr. Nice Guy?

I think I'm nicer in the evening. I get grumpy kept from my painting time. It's a survival instinct.

Do you find me attractive?

Yes I do, - are you going to include this part of our talk in the interview.

I'll ask the questions here Renaissance master man. Now, undoubtedly the individual in community has an important role to play. On the one hand with your art you stressed the need for the individual to bring his original ideas and inspirations to the group for correction and yet you never formally associated with an interntional community? What accounts for this?

I do not often speak to public questions -- they are odious and hurtful, and it seems like meddling or leaving your work. I have my own spirits in prison: -- spirits in deeper prisons, whom no one visits if I do not.

Are you speaking in the first instance of the law which made it impossible to help a mind to flee his or her owner, a law which I've disobeyed often. In the second instance are you referring to those who were lost or confined spiritually, those who were searching for the truth?

A picture is worth a thousand words, and I include over ten millions expressions per brushstroke, of which there are thousands displayed. There you go asking silly questions.

You have been hailed as the next Salvador Dali. How do you feel about this intense spotlight and the pressure?

The Days can be long and hectic with the nights behaving even crazier but it's what I have always wanted and what I spent working towards - Dali however? He is still le maitre The Master and nothing I do in the next twenty years will change that. Twenty two years from now will be a different story. I should be carefull what I say but by the time I am fifty I will be painting far better than Dali could have imagined even if he had the lab to try. The pressure encourages me.

Have you found the art world to be friendly? Has everyone been helpful on your climb up the gallery wall? Any mud to thrrow?

Yes. People have been so nice and helpful, they feel that they know me often just by looking at my works - which is true to some degree. I certainly have many more people to thank then I have to complain about but if I was to start throwing mud I would slop it on certain artist run galleries. There is just so much jealousy instead of a healthy competive environment. Galleries run by business people, sell more works, represent you properly and treat you with respect and are much easier to deal with.

Do you think that you create your own reality?


What do you think I have in this bag? The reason I ask is that I have heard that you are a rated high as a psychic. Do you think it is something for human consumption? Or something to to fix a problem? Or What is your guess"

{Chris has not had a chance prior to look inside the large sack}

I would guess that it is something that you would use to fix a problem such as holding and digesting alcohol but also as something to look at ones own habits.

Well, you are kinda right I guess, it is a pig liver in a jar! Thats kinda weird.

I really should get back to painting.

Thank you on behalf of Mind if I peek around all these paintings?

By all means there are many to see and thank you for the good exposure.

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