Robert Diddle - Curator of The National Gallery

Notes from the Curator

Its about time for another interview with Chris Wright and we are very pleased to announce it right here and now.
Another Exclusive for
Before we start, we must mention that as a condition to conducting this interview, the 2nd interview;
Chris has requested that before he will allow us this interview we had to agree to make available to you, prints of the Queen... so we have. This is the first time that we have ever actually offered art to you for purchase. The decision was not made easily. As the gallery curator, I have to say that this obviously creates a bit of controversy for the gallery. Here we are, operating with the public's best interest in mind and then we turn around and try to sell you something. Like I said, this was not an easy decision.

Not just any artist or just any of our feature artists would be given this honor but I do have to say I think that this is a new growing point for the gallery. In this case, there are a limited number of prints that are available and I personally think that this holds great investement potential.Some think I am putting my job on the line. I don't think so. The positve feedback that we recieved with our last Chris Wright feature was throgh the roof. This partnershop between The National Gallery and Chris is a historic one and one that will be sure to benifit us both.
As far as representing Chris and featuring him at the same time, I would like to add a few more points to the issue. There is only one print that we are selling, not the whole catalogue of gorgeous and detailed prints.
Generous the polititians will call us. The way that Michaelangelo conducted business with the Pope is very close to what we are doing here with Chris. Famous Canadian artist illustrator Christopher Wright is going to be well written and recorded in the history books. As a curator of this gallery, in collaborating with Christopher, I am insuring that The National Gallery will continue to be written about - also alongside Christopher.

These sales will help us to keep our exhibitions running and let us detach ourselves that little bit more from our government sponsors and the political will that can often blind a gallery and it's collectors.

And now, after much discussion, evolution and deliberation we finally bring to you, The Interview!
This time around we have interview Terissa Banks asking all the questions.

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Chris Wright interviewed by Terissa Banks -will be posted soon

An earlier interview with Chris Wright conducted by Trish Howell in 2000 click here


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